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Club Mandate

  • To provide recreation and entertainment opportunities for the members and their families.
  • To promote responsible trail use, maintain trails and be a land access advocacy focal point.
  • To organize off-road race events.

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2017 RMDRA Update

With 2016 in the books 2017 was an even bigger year for RMDRA. As the club continues to grow, new opportunities become available. The RMDRA was provided a grant from the COHV and AOHVA as part of Canada’s 150th Anniversary. This was an opportunity for the club to repair the PFG trail. As a club we were able to try new techniques and material to repair what was meant as a beginner trail for single track users. Unfortunately due to the fire bans the Annual RMDRA Dirty Moose Race was cancelled because of an OHV Ban for the area…..watch the Website and Facebook for the 2018 race details. Land Advocacy and building relationships with both AEP and users of the backcountry continues to be a focus.


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2016 RMDRA Update

In 2016 RMDRA continued its growth. We continued to repair and maintain trails in McLean Creek, working with the government and growing club nights. The Dirty Moose Race was successful with breaking records for turnout in the AMSA Offroad Series. The Kick Off Party was held in February for its second year running.


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2015 RMDRA Update

2015 was a significant year for the RMDRA as we undertook several initiatives building upon solid foundations from prior years. Major works for 2015 touched all three of the areas of the RMDRA mandate:

Club Mandate with achievements listed:

» To provide recreation, enjoyment, development, and contribution opportunities for members and their families.
Maintenance, infrastructure, and trail upgrades and re-routes in McLean Creek and Ghost PLUZs enhancing the trail conditions, network quality, and sustainability.

» To be a land access advocacy focal point, promote responsible and sustainable trail use, build, maintain, preserve, and expand trails and riding areas.
Trail inventory efforts, trail system proposals, and access framework progress with Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP, formerly ESRD/Parks)

» To organize off-road race events
Dirty Moose XI – Part 1 & Part 2

The big activity that stands out from our “usual” works was the paid trail crews performing significant re-route and upgrade work. With grant funding from the National Trails Coalition (NTC) and the National Recreation Trails Program (NRTP) and a small investment of funds raised by RMDRA members, RMDRA contractors spent 12 weeks on the ground repairing and replacing trail to enjoyable, sustainable standards. Dedicated RMDRA volunteers managed and supervised the contract crews, ensuring single-track goals were met and project objectives achieved.
The Eleventh Dirty Moose Cross Country was a significant effort of course development, planning, and execution by the race committee and a dedicated group of volunteers. Weather pre-empted the initial date, but a rescheduled race ran in late September. The delay permitted a longer period of pre-race course enjoyment, and this year’s track is heralded as a masterpiece of variety and excitement.

2015 was another very successful year for everyone involved with the Dirty Moose XI. As most of you know we actually had to post-pone the race last minute on our August date, as the weather just did not want to cooperate. This was unfortunate as a lot of people had traveled a long ways to attend, as well as to all the volunteers that committed so much time to get it off the ground. The plus side was that we all had a reason to meet again in September, and the race went off with a great success. A couple of key additions this year were the sponsorship of the hot dogs and smokies, thanks to YB Quality Meats, and the addition of the club night ride in Fallen Timber the Wednesday before the race. The club ride was a huge success in its own right, and gave people who might not otherwise have come a chance to try the course, and get their feet wet. The race is a key part of the mission statement of the RMDRA, and is a unique way to get people together, for what is gaining a reputation as one of the most fun races of the year. A special thanks to all of the volunteers that it takes to pull off this event, from course work, sweeping, sign in, scanning, cleanup, and de-flagging it takes a small army of volunteers to put it on.

The 2016 course is shaping up to build off the reputation of last years, where our key values are fun, safety, and sustainability. If you haven’t dipped your toes into the pool of off road racing, come give it a try in 2016 on August 13 & 14. Attend the club ride on the 10th, sweep, scan, or just hang out.

In 2015 the Rocky Mountain Dirt Riders Association had 270 active memberships, totalling more than 400 members including family members. Throughout the year we promote membership at various events such as the Calgary Motorcycle Show, RMDRA swap meet, dealership sales and Red Bull Rocks and Logs. Additionally, you can join on-line by clicking this link, or by looking for the join button at the top of the forum or the Join the Club section on our home web page. Our ever popular club night rides, the dirty moose cross country race and other special events have continued to provide members and their families with recreation and entertainment opportunities. The RMDRA is extremely appreciative of the continued support from all of our members and sponsors. We look forward to another amazing year with all of you in 2016!

Trail Maintenance
With respect to RMDRA’s trail maintenance activities for the 2015 year we as a club have made headway with a number of projects. To highlight some of the trail work done by RMDRA volunteers for the 2015 calendar year a number of evening trail maintenance projects were completed at McLean Creek including the installation of signage and width controls on some high priority trails. A Trail Maintenance Weekend was held the first weekend of October. Although the weather did not completely cooperate it was still a success with a decent turnout of volunteers. In addition to the volunteer work completed a crew was hired to complete larger projects in the Ghost and McLean Creek area. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to all the efforts to maintain sustainable single track trails.

Club Nights
Club Nights had another successful year. First and foremost I would like to thank the 11 individuals that volunteered to help out as Captains. Without these people, Club Nights would simply not happen. We held our annual kick-off at the Wild Rose MX Park with a full BBQ, drinks and RMDRA special pricing for a day at the track. We managed to fully explore Mclean from the paved loop to Fisher South and even had a pre-ride of the Dirty Moose Race loop at Fallen Timber. This year we went all out on Canada Day hosting a day’s ride with yet another BBQ, drinks, and even a kids/family ride. We had 21 scheduled Club Nights in total, with 16 of them directly organized by a RMDRA volunteer Captain. The remainder were “Free Rides” where club members are left to organize an evening ride amongst themselves via the forum and common staging area. As usual weather always plays a role and we had to cancel 3 evenings. This is usually done to preserve the trails after heavy rainfall or even flooding. This year we can add Tornado’s to the list of reasons! All three of our Platinum Dealer Sponsors (BlackFoot Direct, CycleWorks Calgary and Rocky Mountain Honda Powerhouse) participated this year by hosting an extra special evening to show case their brand and any new exciting products. BBQ and drinks are quickly becoming routine followed by an extend trail banter session that lasted into the evening. RMDRA would like to thank everyone who came out and supported our weekly ride. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again next year!

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Race Organizer Code of Ethics


Rocky Mountain Dirt Riders Association has co-developed the Race Organizer Code of Ethics.   No standard previously existed and we
have pretty well gotten unanimous agreement with many clubs on the standard.   The response from the SRD (Sustainable
Resources Department) to one of the race organizers was very positive.   They appreciated our pro-active initiative.
This document may become a standard attachment on race application forms.   The ADRA (Alberta Dirt Riders Association)
supports it 100%.

Club Night


Rocky Mountain Dirt Riders Association
Club Night
An Introduction To Single Track Motorcycle Riding
KTM riding downhill

Are you:

  • Relatively new to off road motorcycling?
  • Unsure where to ride single track?
  • Having a hard time finding regular riding buddies?
  • Wanting to become a better rider?


Find out more in our Club Night forum
Home of the Club Night


Livingstone Singletrack Riding

An outing to the Livingstone Falls area by some club members in October, 2004.


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Vega Start

The Vega Hare Scramble 2004 start. The start is a motocross style start at the site of
an abandoned drill apparatus.


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Long Island Start

The Long Island Hare Scramble 2004 start lineup. The start is a dead engine start where each
class is started 1 minute apart.


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