Rocky Mountain Dirt Rider Associations – Races


Races are AMSA Offroad Sanctioned

2017 Dirty Moose XIII XC Race
  • Fallen Timber
  • August 12, 13
  • Adults races Saturday, Kids and Ladies B races Sunday
  • A Cross Country is a long distance event on a course consisting of one or more loops. Minimum distance for each repetitive loop is 35 km. An additional 15 km loop may be added for Pros.

Volunteering and discussions about the RMDRA races can be found on the RMDRA Races Forum.

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Race Requirements


Race Numbers and Backgrounds

New rules and numbering colors for 2018. Numbers must appear on the motorcyle with the appropriate background and foreground colors. All 3 number plates (front and side) must be numbered. For more information please consult the AMSA Offroad website.

Exhaust System
Must meet the 96db sound limit outlined by AMSA Offroad.
Must be a USFS approved spark arrestor.

Tear offs are not allowed during the race. A roll off system is acceptable.

For further info on all race requirements visit the AMSA Offroad website: www.amsaoffroad.ca

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Sound Testing


The AMSA and its Partners can and will test Motorcycles for sound output. The best way to ensure you pass is to have a properly packed (ideally this is something that occurs more often than ice ages) stock muffler. Some stock exhausts may not have a spark arrestor, which is required for riding on Crown lands. An aftermarket tip, or exhaust systems like FMFs “Q4” (four stroke) or “Q” (2-stroke) are great alternatives. Many aftermarket exhausts have quiet insert/spark arrestor combos that are cheap, and easily installed for riding off road.

The testing procedure adopted in 2013 is the FIM style WOT test. MX bikes, particularly 4-strokes, may not pass without a well-packed muffler, or stock style exhaust. Please leave the “shorty” mufflers at the track (are they even welcome there anymore?)

There is no doubt that races are a focal point of the community. It’s also an easy chance for other groups to make shots at us, so let’s do our best to not give them a chance.

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