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Agenda - February 2, 2005

Rocky Mountain Dirt Riders Association (RMDRA)
February 2, 7 - 9 pm Capital Hill Community Centre
1531 - 21st Ave NW Calgary

Call meeting to order and request new attendees to introduce themselves (Dennis)

General (Dean)

1. Present minutes from last meeting and vote on acceptance.

2. Vote on club mission statement (Official statements to be written)

1. To organize off-road motorcycle races.
2. To organize off-road motorcycle riding.
3. To work with AOHVA to advocate land access for dirt bikes.
4. All of the above.
3. Make motions and vote to elect the following executive positions. Only members may vote. Incumbents are noted in brackets;

a. President - (Dennis Kaltenbruner)
b. Vice President - (Brent Kroeker)
c. Secretary / Treasurer - (Dean Cockshutt)
d. Land Advocacy Director - (Mike Richter)
e. Director at Large - (Dave Hodgkins)
f. Webmaster - (Dave Sheridan)
g. Race Director - (Dennis Kaltenbruner)

4. Discuss Association Progress

Insurance, bank account, other

5. Treasurers Report

Membership sales, paid expenses and bank balance.

Executive Activity Update (Dennis)

1. Calgary Motorcycle Show booth feedback

a. New club pamphlet. Thank-you to volunteers
b. Feedback on booth

2. AOHVA meetings and progress

Met with AOHVA to prepare material for Bike Show

3. Request volunteers for special projects

4. Race Organizers Code of Ethics - draft available for comments.

Race Organization Update (Brent/Dave H.)

1. Staging location and course proposals

Need to GPS around Barwell area (May)
Feedback on member suggestions

2. Special Events Info Package preparation

3. Proposed event schedule

4. Event volunteers needed (see hand-out)

5. Trail delineation project

Need all members to get trained and help map trails

Webmaster Update (David)


Trail Advocacy Update (Mike/Darryl)

1. Met with SRD during Bike Show

a. MMIC has been trying to get AB to support a Trail Sticker type program where 70% of fees would flow back to trail management. Would RMDRA support this idea?
b. Participated in discussions about trail issues communication
c. Reinforced our desire and need to participate in the management plans
d. Reinforced the importance of single track recognition

2. Riding Area status document.

3. MLA letter writing clinic

4. McLean Stewardship Program status

Support AURS trail clean-up days (McLean Creek; June 18, Waiparous; Sept 17)

Other Business

1. Other business

2. General discussion about trail conditions, ride reports, etc.


1. To lounge for entertainment (GNCC footage)- (Doug)

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