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Agenda - November 24, 2004

Rocky Mountain Dirt Riders Association (RMDRA)
PO Box 194, Bragg Creek Alberta
(403) 949-3214
November 24, 7 - 9 pm Capital Hill Community Centre
1531 - 21st Ave NW Calgary

Call meeting to order and introduce new meeting protocol (Dennis)

General (Dean)

1. Present minutes from last meeting and vote on acceptance.

2. Make motions and vote to elect the following interim executive;

a. President - Dennis Kaltenbruner
b. Vice President - Brent Kroeker
c. Secretary / Treasurer - Dean Cockshutt
d. Communications Director - Mike Richter
e. Director at Large - Dave Hodgkins
f. Webmaster - Dave Sheridan
g. Video Coordinator - Doug Raffin

3. Discuss Association Progress

a. Move to review new ADRA bylaws (when available) and adopt if suitable
b. Insurance, bank account, other

4. Treasurer's Report

a. Membership sales and paid expenses

ADRA AGM Update (Dennis)

a. RMDRA status with ADRA
b. XC and HS rule changes
c. Race Schedule
d. Other (John Bader as Director of Off-Road, etc.)

Race Organization Update (Brent/Dave)

1. Staging location proposals
2. Special Events Info Package being prepared
3. Event volunteers needed (see hand-out)
4. Dec 19 Kamloops winter HS status

Webmaster Update (David)

1. Status
2. Content
3. Feedback

Trail Advocacy Update (Mike/Darryl)

1. Meeting with Rick Blackwood - Alberta Sustainable Resource Development
2. GAMP Status
3. Update on AOHVA "All Clubs" meeting on Nov 20 and
    request motion be made to join AOHVA
4. What you can do?
5. Request volunteers to man the Calgary Motorcycle Show AOHVA booth.

Other Business

Adjourn (Doug)

1. To lounge for entertainment
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